An article that has just come to light

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An article that has just come to light

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I have just uploaded to the Library, in the Miscellaneous Images section, an article which I don't think I have seen before. It has come to me from Bernie, via Brian Henson, who received it from a friend of his. The story attached to this article is as follows:

Ruby had an auntie who lived in the Leeds area and when Ruby played Leeds, early on in her career, she and Marie Murphy (nee Cunningham), Ruby's travelling companion /cum/ secretary, both stayed with this auntie for the week. The auntie's house was antiquated, to say the least, and there appeared to be no toilet in the house. From what I could gather there was a block of toilets that several houses shared and when Ruby enquired where it was the reply was "You catch a tram . . . . ". The man in the photo with Ruby is believed to be her cousin, I think the auntie's son? Ruby was once again playing the Empire Theatre and he came to interview Ruby - this is the interview and the photo.

I don't know what the initials YIM stand for, but no doubt if we find out it will get posted here!

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