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Hi friends

Has anybody else noticed the audio clip of Ruby singing "This is my song" on youtube? This has only been uploaded fairly recently. The quality is good.


Gerald Lawrence
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Re: youtube

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Hello Martin, welcome back.

The song is in our own Library, and came from one of the tape recordings which David Frankish had made when Ruby appeared in Great Yarmouth for a summer season. She made it in the local radio studio and David captured it. A few years ago he gave me his tape recordings, and he was delighted when I told him I had rescued this song and uploaded it to our library. It seems the person who put it on YouTube has either made a copy for himself, or has copied it from someone else who made a copy, for I know for certain that it does not exist anywhere else except in our library, and in the place where I have David's tape recordings carefully stored. Unless some shadowy recording company has put it on a CD without giving us the credit :(

Bernie Burgess
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Re: youtube

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I'm not too sure but the track may have been recorded when Ruby appeared at The New Cresta Cabaret Restaurant . . . . . I see that you (Gerald) have changed to The Winter Scene - Quite appropriate. I would like to think that the change will bring comments from other Friends/Fans.....

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