Unmasking the new Member,

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Bernie Burgess
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Unmasking the new Member,

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Hello Friends,

I have just tumbled who the newly registered member is. By coupling the registering name of 'videoman' and the other word he used 'comic' he had given me enough rope to hang him with. He still thinks he has got me scratching my head as to who he is but I have tumbled him. He is an excellent comedian that I frequently used in my days as General Manager at the New Cresta and for my agency business 'Applause Unlimited'. His name is Tony Dowling. He and I were friends in the late 60s and 70s. From what I can see he lives in the U.S.A.

We have not seen each other since those fantastic days when cabaret was something worth booking and comics could not use 4 or 8 letter words. Tony did some sterling work for me and I am delighted that he got in touch.

I will try to get a few interesting anecdotes from him for the message board.

Adios Amigos. Bernie.

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