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Unveiling and New Site Layout.

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 1:27 am
by mal macleod
Hello again
Sorry for not making contact sooner since the unveiling last week . I was so pleased that the event was such a success, that so many were there, and that Belfast City Council made such a fine effort. I saw the item on the BBC N Ireland 6pm news bulletin (one of the advantages of being a Sky subscriber!!) and glad to see Bernie, Julie and Tim and the rest of you having such a great time. Felt very envious indeed. I hope to go to Belfast later this year to a wedding and will make a point to go along to see for myself. Thanks to all of you who were involved in organising this special day.
The new lay out of the site is excellent and provides a worthy reminder of the events of the 29th. Thanks again to all concerned.
Best regards to all
Mal Macleod