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Members from Abroad.

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Hello Friends,

I assume that, like me, most members are pleased to see newly registered members from far and distant lands joining us on Ruby's website. Before all the excitement when so much happening, I saw that a member from South Africa had joined us. I contacted him and we exchanged messages and I asked him if I could place some of his details on to the Forum so that we could all enjoy his story, and he agreed. Now that the opportunity has come along I will keep my word.

The member concerned is 'Malcolm' and he was born in South Africa. Both of Malcom's parents moved from Dublin to South Africa in 1948. Just like Timmer, he was raised listening to Ruby Murray records because his parents were ardent Ruby fans. He told me that he was in the process of digitising all of his families' 8mm films and wanting some appropriate music for the sound track. He searched for a copy of Ruby's recording of 'A Little Bit Of Heaven' and put out a clarion call for a copy so that he could complete his task.

If I remember correctly, I advised him that the newly released Anthology- Golden Anniversary Collection had the track he was seeking. I must assume that he was able to obtain a copy via Amazon, as he told me that local record shops have to order individual albums, and that now his digitising is complete with Ruby singing the song as a sound track.

I do hope that Malcolm has been enjoying all the exciting things that have been going on and that he will contibute some of his tales for us all to hear.

Adios Amigo. Bernie.

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