'Change of plan for 'RUBY ....My Precious Gem'

Discussion about Ruby Murray.
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'Change of plan for 'RUBY ....My Precious Gem'

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Hello Friends,

I have had discussions with fans/friends regarding the book and it has been agreed that perhaps I was wrong to keep the opinions and comments about the book off of the Forum. Especially considering that there seems to be a definite lull in exchange of various topics. If we change the situation completely and openly invite an exchange of views, reviews, comments and even criticisms on the Forum we might get movement, hopefuly a lot of movement. As Gerald has said, the book is about the very person the website was set up for and any discussion is applicable to the Forum.

So everyone is now invited to pass whatever comment they wish about the book, or even do a complete review on it. If you have anything at all that you want to say about the book, now is your opportunity. If there are any questions that you would like to put to me I will be only too pleased to answer them. Fire away friends and don't pull any punches.

Adios Amigos. Bernie.

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