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March 29, 1935 to December 17, 1996

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We present all five Christmas Songs as recorded by Ruby.


"Ruby -
My Precious Gem!"

The Ruby Murray story told by Bernie Burgess and Frank Bowles

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There are many CDs available in high quality, if you don't yet have all of Ruby's recorded songs in your collection. For details, please click on Song List

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This website is dedicated to the memory of Ruby Murray, a singer from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who was blessed with a very special and beautiful voice. She was at ease with both Irish and pop songs. She dominated the UK charts during 1955, having at least one single in the charts for 52 weeks without a break, and in March having five songs in the Top Twenty during the same week. The Guinness Book of Records has confirmed that this extraordinary record has never been beaten by any other singer Click here to see the actual certificates. Her memory lives on thanks to the efforts of her devoted family and fans who have graciously donated to this website their images, songs and memories of Ruby.
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