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Ruby with two very young fans! Gerald Lawrence 7-DEC-2003 48.9 KB jpg
Signing records in a shop Gerald Lawrence 18-NOV-2003 69.0 KB jpg
Another "Wee Cup of Tay"! Gerald Lawrence 16-NOV-2003 22.2 KB jpg
Taking tea with her good friend Marie Cunningham Gerald Lawrence 16-NOV-2003 44.1 KB jpg
A later studio portrait - signed to Jack Price Brian Henson 9-NOV-2003 17.3 KB jpg
Choosing a cauliflower for dinner! Gerald Lawrence 3-NOV-2003 45.5 KB jpg
A nice photograph of a young Ruby. Gerald Lawrence 3-NOV-2003 29.4 KB jpg
Tommy Steele gets kisses from Ruby & Shirley Eaton Brian Henson 31-OCT-2003 19.2 KB jpg
Ruby holding her Daily Mirror Award Gerald Lawrence 26-OCT-2003 42.5 KB jpg
The rear side of the programme notes for the Daily Mirror Disc Festival, 1956 Gerald Lawrence 26-OCT-2003 147.8 KB jpg